Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't Blame Me. =/

Sorry Jay. I'm Seeing A Flop.

It's Called Real As It Gets ft Young Jeezy


Now this Beamer Is Crazy!!!


OMG! I Almost Feel Sorry.

It is now clear that something with terribly wrong with the production team, because this is ludicrous, especially for Hov. Smh. Yet another leak, within a 5 min time span. Welp, I'm just doing what I (should) be paid to do. lol

It's called A Star Is Born ft J. Cole (one of my favorite rappers in the making)


Drake ft Trey Songz - Successful

This is definitely my favorite track off of the now EP So Far Gone. And this video is definitely a step up from his previous ones, although I feel that since the Best I Ever Had video did not meet expectations it was bashed a little bit more than it should have been. I've been waiting for this vid for a while now, and peep Trey's new verse. Also look out for his album dropping tomorrow.

Another BP3 Leak???

Aww man, Jay. Somebody is definitely upset with guy this to continuously leak stuff off the album before it drops. Well it's not up for me to decide all that, I just post what's new for you to listen.

It's called Hate featuring Kanye West and it's the third leak of the album.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Say He Ain't Real!!

I use to do the Grinding beat occasionally, but this guy...Smh. Speechless.

Beautiful Art

Like I said before, never have I smoked the "dank", BUT I Do Not knock those who do. Besides, this is just wonderful photography. Enlarge to see the true "dank-ness" lol

Chronic Re-Lit

Those who have heard this album can see clearly that it's sole purpose is to make a little bit more money for it's unprofitable label Death Row. Those who haven't heard it, may be pretty excited. I happen to find myself in the middle. =/ lol I haven't heard the album, and could careless, but it wouldn't be here if it was not worth your time and respect.

Hottest Song This Summer..

The first drop came PB(pre-blog), sorry I couldn't give you the excitement I had when I first heard it, but this is the CDQ cut and you should be just as hyped up. 3 of the best mainstream rappers, and one in the making. Definitely worth the download. Oh and by the way, Eminem [my favorite] Won! ^-^


My Apologies, Folks

In the world of music, you can't rush greatness, which will explain why much didn't come out to day. But I'll get up on the little that I did find.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Katrina Changed Us Forever

Something that you should or should not know about me is that I'm a victim of Hurricane Katrina. I love my city, but I did not go back for academic reasons. It's like a warzone there right now, and there's little to no process. Today marks the 4 year anniversary of the day that changed my life forever.

Eminem- Infinite

Ok, this did not drop today, actually about 13 years ago, but this is an Em that most people have not heard before, and I figured I would enlighten you on some real Hip-Hop. His lyric game has always been sick, the proof is in the pudding..

AJ 4 Fusion Blk

These dropped today...Now I love Jordans like the next man, and I love Air Force Ones as well. But who's great idea was it to put those two together? I really do not condone the concept and dislike 99.9% of it's spawns, but this one slipped through the cracks. I got to admit, I'd rock these..

Happy Birthday, Mike..

I, for one, am glad The King of Pop has passed on because he was in soo much pain. No one should do that much suffering, ever. I prefer to remember The darker Michael, hence the picture choice. He would have been 51 today. May he rest in peace.. August 29th, 1958 - June 25th, 2009

Almost Forgot The Vid.

"You too tall for that shit,dawg!" lmao

Mixtape Before I Knock Out.

For those who don't know, I'm a huge fan of Charles Hamilton. Don't even offer your challenging opinion because on such matters, I could not give two chits.(not a typo) CH is real, lyrically, and he produces some of the craziest beats that I have ever heard. He's on, I don't kno, sick leave, if you will, and his loyal fans put out this tape to make sure his presence is still felt. With 40! tracks on it. Who else got fans like that, huh!? lol Check it out..

Shout Out To The Bro..

Self-Explanatory Post. Got to give credit where credit is due. The post are all me, but my homie B-Wizzle lol, a future fashion mogul, really inspired me. He got my undaunted support in everything he does and vice versa. Much Love, Homes..

Oh Yeah, when you're done here and you still have leisure time, go check out the blog that started it all.

Alphanumeric Clothing..

This is by far my favorite clothing line, all their products promote education and it's all fresh, so it's a win-win to pick some up. And before you give your cash to the person behind the counter, make sure you know what the shirt means, my peers kill me with that..

It Starts...

Well I figured that I'd do the first post in text and break ish down to the viewers.. I'm college bound, don't like skinny jeans, and I'm drug-free...Do I knock those that live the opposite lifestyle? Not at all. We all have similarities, and I hope you find ours here. Enjoy the tunes, laugh or shake your head at the videos, and let me know what are your likes and dislikes.. Attention Spans are shorter than the barrels of Revolvers now a days. That being said, I'm Out. Cool Runnings...