Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I am leaving this place a COMPLETELY different person than I was arriving.
Way more facial hair.
Way more muscle.
Way less bullshit.
or way more. who knows.

Music ear broadened.
Liver tainted.
Limits tested.
Thoughts expanded.
Networked quintupled.

And before I get my degree, I am going to blow that bitch (my network) up.

I will be ridiculously well off. I will be described as a Rich Uncle

.Period.  And so will Victor. I love it.


*I just realized......*

How fucking ironic.

God is a troll.

"too turnt"

What I should have responded was "too disappointed."

You know that's not the route for you, Kuhz. Liquor has not been kind to you, me, or Us. I told you I didn't want to hear from you and for good reason. At this point, you represent a grave disappointment in myself, one which I am not ready to truly assess.
So don't bring that nonsense back into my world. Or I will be forced to address you like I did.

Given our history and your significance, it kind of hurt to be that harsh to you. Especially while you were inebriated. But seriously, what were you thinking hitting me up anyway? ..Moving on. Despite my undeserving rudeness to you, something in me feels as if you respected it and appreciated it. Perhaps you even saw it as refreshing. Maybe you needed it.

Whatever the case, until I am ready to deal with my own demons.. you will.
What I have done tonight, I want to do for the rest of my life.

I scoured the internet for new music and found it.
I counseled my close brother about a major move.
I studied Spanish.
I researched. some highly revered and secretive shit.
I saw my girl.
I ate hot fries.

If you gave me this order of events scrambled throughout the rest of my days...

I'd take it.