Friday, April 19, 2013

Real life shit. I was swollen for a week.
I will never get an Instagram. If I do and I find this post. . I will delete it instantaneously. That's my word.

EDIT: 11/25
I now have one and I just got a 100 likes on a picture. I'm not deleting shit. I am now in a frat and need to connect with people for advertising purposes.

I feel like. .

Bo Jackson. -only. Tampa Bay never did that fuck shit and I went straight to the League and completely forgot about baseball. Sure I'm excelling and at the top in a way, but I'm so far from what makes me happy. I often wonder does my glimpse of success even matter.

I wish..

You weren't such a hypebeast bitch. Perhaps one day when you mature you'll realize the drastic err in your ways.

Nothing Was The Same.

Drake be dropping real shit even in the titles, bul. I swear, aside from my friends cause I keep a tight circle, nothing is the fucking same as in HS. First year even. I got so much going thru my head as the Coltrane is playing. I have about 2 more pages of a philosophy paper to write but I'm not sure if it's going to happen right now. I'm in a blogging type of mood. *Thinks of my love for In a Sentimental Mood by Coltrane, himself.* .. *Now Playing.* This is really only the beginning of the changes. Bullshit aside. I'm lowkey looking for a reason to change some shit, man. All this goddamn unnecessary weight on my shoulders. The constant feeling of having to be a closed book. Shit ain't healthy, man. SIck of feeling caged in a public persona. I'm sure that is why when I'm drinking I'm so ridic, because I walk around repressed. I mean, I can't say "fuck" twice around my girlfriend. I feel like I'm sleeping with a bowtie on. Brothers are in jail and I really cannot bring myself to write them. We were just living in the same house. All in love with music, shooting the shit. Now one is dead. I still don't think I addressed my feelings with that. I mean, sure, we weren't the closest but that was my twin. We could have been so much closer. My big dawg Travis is facing life. My fucking heart Terrell is battling a murder charge. . And the other day, my colleagues felt like they needed to tell me, "you have a good life." I smiled and thanked them. I knew they knew nothing. They merely complimented me on my acting skills. But then again, maybe they're right. Maybe I should relish in the fact that I am the one that got out. . Whatever, yo. In my tomorrow, nothing was the same.


But I love you. I'm good at keeping my emotions bubbled. You're good at being perfect. I'm good at being troubled.