Friday, July 29, 2011

While there isn't nothing special about my schlong, there is something special about me. I'm starting to come to terms with that. I begun to realize that I'm in the process of making my life. No longer are we (my peers and I) kids relying on the phrase "When I grow up" but we are young adults who are watching some of our friends die and others get pregnant. This is our lives. Unfortunately, the aim of this post was not to make it a education rant. I've tarnished my exclusivity. Too often my word has been overturned. Too often I've gone back to a situation that I knew was faulty. Even more often I have given myself, physically, to a female partner who did not prove worthy. Yes, worthy. If women can put a worth on to their, sometimes, whack ass vagina, then I damn sure can put a wealth on my schlong. I've fallen into the habit of breaking promises to myself but I need not go around dipping my man in every wet jacuzzi. I need to have a sense of limit.

So, if you would like to give me head, I'll take it. But sex? If you're not my girlfriend, forget about it.

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