Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I absolutely hate the way I've been feeling.

I love feeling feelings. I just hate not knowing why I am feeling them. Is something missing? Is something too much?

I really think it's Alex. She hasn't been acting the same and my brain has been WONDERING. Like. Crazy. I've almost convinced myself that she wants to be with someone else. Just about. I've pulled two UNNECESSARY AS FUCK all nighters and I've had shit food and I've shat for dear life all in the last 3 days. Oh and I haven't lifted at all. It's safe to say that week 9 is a big fat FAIL. Fuckkkk, Alexaundrea. It sucks the most because I know you're affecting me like this. I don't want anyone else. You're a perfect fit in my life right now. I've been playing "Clean" all day because of you.

"Say what you will. Say what you meann. You could never offend. Your dirty words come out clean...." *continues to sing in my head.

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