Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tr' Vel,

You are going to lose your bone/meat/cheese. Stop worrying about stupid shit. I understand that you love being proved right about distrusting people. You know very few men deserve your trust, 4 at this point, and no women at all. You have no reason to worry about anything but Alexaundrea. She's who cares about you. And as of yet, you haven't found in her any untruthfulness. Your last venture was an example for a lot of women in this world. We got burned. We learned a lesson. And before her, we got scorched. And before her, we got destroyed. So I understand, Brother. I know how shiesty these females can be, but you have the best one you know. Ha, do you understand that????? The best chick you know tells you she loves you!! You.fucking.Idiot! You need to appreciate her more! Now.
but just for tonight, let us be assured that we were not crazy. .She could not/can not/will not be trusted as far as they can be smelled. . Don't ever distrust your gut, G. Your gut has never spoken against Alex, until recently so keep her close.

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