Friday, December 28, 2012

Peace over Truth.

Some may call it lying, but dammit if the truth just does not need to be revealed at some points in time. It just makes everything better for everybody. I've been losing my good memory so I am in no shape to become an full fledge liar, but telling the "truth" has not been getting the job done. Whenever we use our mouths for anything other than eating and pleasure, conflicting ideals arrive. Upsetting, conflicting ideas. We have lived two totally different lives, which gives us two totally different sets of morals and values. Also, we have two totally different sets of experiences, which translate to two conflicting sets of personal battles. I have seen glimpses of my own logic arise within you and seen you sort of question the same things. Some of the things that I have questioned on this very blog. I have witnessed you battled with the same question that has plagued (whew, very strong verb) me for two years now. Why are we together? Why are we so drawn to each other? And I have now realized the answer. Purple. The answer is purple because ice cream has no bones. Our union is absurd and against all odds but I cannot get enough of you. You detest things that I love and have loved for decades. One thing in particular that you reject like the plague (look at that, what a beautiful word that is. So flexible.) is vulgarity. I love things vulgar and to you, well, they're just obscene. But see, I get the beauty in the vulgar and I guess you don't. Dah well. I envisioned my break being a time of leisure in which I can just lounge and watch blurays, but that has not been the case. I've got work to do.

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