Friday, May 10, 2013

If you looked at that picture and you only saw headphones, you were remiss. What you saw was my lifeline. What you saw was the tourniquet for my bleeding heart. What you saw was the nicotine for my rattled nerves. What you saw was an essential pathway to the one thing that could never betray me or leave me unsatisfied, for more than momentarily. Music.

Noo, no.. You did not see Sony noise canceling headphones. . You saw the physical manifestation for why I breathe.

This (specific) beautiful piece of technology has brought my music to me in such a majestic manner, for the last (almost) three years. It helped manifest my insatiable infatuation with music. I have listened to other devices and their inferiority is painstakingly obvious.

I am so thankful for this piece of machinery. The time is coming for me to get another pair and I may just cop these again. I need to write a letter to Sony and express my appreciation.

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