Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My First Time

I had intentions of calling you for months. I initially fell victim to the demonized narrative being disseminated about you. I internalized it. I personally denied you vehemently. Until my mentor opened my eyes about your pink bodied beauty. He told me you're quite alright. Although, he has been wrong before, his wisdom has never harmed me. You were always right there, waiting for me to come around. Last night was our first dance. I was scared of you, so I asked you to hold back and only show me one side.. You had two left feet. You actually bored me to sleep at first, but then I saw the other half of you. . I soared. You showed me what you were really about. And you didn't  disappoint.

But love.. I don't need you. I might call again for closure, but you are far from wifing material. Don't get used to my presence, cause I damn sure won't get used to yours.

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