Monday, September 12, 2011

The fastest way to my heart. .

is through my music.
I have aunts, a mother, a grandmother, who cook for me and the food tastes damn good. Granted my woman should outlive them, food isn't a big thing for me. Don't buy me shit, it makes me feel awkward. Don't do me too many sexual favors because my cumming mannerisms will soon invoke some sort of insecurity. So you want to know what makes me click? My musiccc. *creepy CH voice* It sucks that my current girl doesn't like my music, and I don't like hers too much either. The thing is, women that I mess with, yelp that I don't let them in, but they know I live through my music. check my Recently Played or some shit. I have music for every mood. Music does something to me, much more than I have ever felt with a woman. Now music can't give me head so good to where I couldn't open my eyes or un-ball my toes for the life of me, but I do believe, if I let it, music can make me cry from pure bliss. . That, has never even come close to happening with a woman. Don't think it ever will. Know how I know? the best thing feeling a woman can give me is an orgasm. Know what else? I've had hundreds of those. Big. fucking. Deal. The woman that makes me feel so good that I don't need music, is the woman I will marry. Period.

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