Wednesday, September 14, 2011

skip the title. . got to get this out before I lose the inspiration or the battery on my now dying computer. .
It amazes me how we, as humans, continuously become so possessive over things that, not only, Don't belong to us but Never did! Prime motherloving (sorry, Moms saw how vulgar my blog voice can be and it has me messed up. . I'll be back soon) example. Significant others. Unless you did some highly illegal incest type stuff, or you married your slave, your significant other will Never. . I repeat NEVER be Yours. A piece of paper (marriage license) or overly expensive ring will never prove such. We all crap (this is killing me!) sleep and eat and none of us have legitimate power over the other. They are going to do what makes them happy at the end of it all, if they have any sense, that is. And it perplexes me that we get so upset about such an infinitesimal aspect of our lives. I no longer believe in that "one soulmate" bs. Why not? I just told you, it's BS. Too many people on this world. Too many people on it before us. Too many similarities. Too many attractions. You don't "find a soulmate". You never will. You stop searching when you are content. As you should, but still, don't go out there thinking that there is only one. It's wishful thinking, but I mean, damn. - I now have to scroll to the top to see why I started this post. lol *This 2 Door cinema has me going*

Oh Right! Moral of the post, unless you date someone who hasn't had anyone before you, throw that possessiveness out of the window. Man is motivated by happiness and pleasure. If you are fitting, you will fill the void, there's rarely much more to it than that. Just to prove my point. . Divorce. You don't sincerely get married if you don't think they are "the ONE for you." So what happens? They stop being themselves? The selves they were born as and were before they knew you? Do all marriages end because somebody "changes" or are they no longer filling that void? Furthermore, to sort of stomp out that "soulmate" concept. How about that one little thing, ahh, you know, RE-MARRYING. And every time, they swear to the God they promised to that they're REALLY the one. FUCK outta here.
*wheewww, that felt good. =]

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